Brow Faqs

The process typically takes 3-3.5 hours, depending on how well your skin retains pigment. Please plan your schedule accordingly so that you are not in a hurry during your appointment. I want to give you the best results, so I don’t want to rush.

I only offer microshaded Ombre’ Brows; however, more services will be offered in the future.

Everyone has different levels of sensitivity, but most clients describe it as feeling like getting your brows threaded.  A topical anesthetic (lidocaine) is used before and during the process to alleviate minor discomfort. 

A touch up is recommended 4-8 weeks after your initial service to lock in pigment in areas where color may have faded during the healing process. After that, a yearly touch up is recommended for color boost maintenance.

  1. Consultation
  2. Brow Design
  3. Numbing
  4. Brow Microshading Procedure

During the consultation, we will discuss your brow goals and medical history. You will be asked to complete consent & medical history forms at this time.

During your Brow Design session,  I will use my signature brow- mapping technique to draw your brow design in pencil. We will work together on your design so that you are satisfied with your shape. 

Once you have approved your shape, I will apply the topical anesthetic and begin the brow microshading process!

Yes, your brow hair will still grow; however, I try to make your brow design close to your natural shape, so it will be easy for you to clean stray hairs with a razor or tweezers if necessary. 

It’s possible, depending on how light your brow tattoo is. Many brow tattoo corrections  require two or more sessions to completely cover your existing tattoo.  NOT ALL PREVIOUS WORK DONE BY ANOTHER ARTIST CAN BE FIXED OR COVERED. Please contact me and send clear photos (one front-facing, one left profile, and one right side profile) to before booking your appointment.

Although Ombré Brows are semi-permanent, the procedure does allow flexibility for pigment or shape change, to some extent. This can be done during your touch-up appointment. I will work closely with you and make every effort  to ensure that you are satisfied with your brow design. 

If you are not completely satisfied, your Touch Up appointment can be cancelled. The pigmented area will naturally fade away over time.

If you aren’t 100% sure you would benefit from this procedure, please opt for a more temporary option.