The ombre' brow process

The Ombre' Brow Process

Step 1: Consultation- We will discuss your brow goals and medical history. You will also be asked to complete consent & medical history forms. 

Step 2: Brow Design- We will work together so that you are satisfied with your new brow shape.  I will use my signature brow- mapping technique to draw your brow design in pencil. I won’t begin the semi-permanent procedure until YOU have approved your brow design! 

Step 3: Numbing- I will apply a topical anesthetic (lidocaine) before and during your procedure to alleviate any minor discomfort. 

Step 4: The Ombre’ (Microshading) Brow Procedure- Lay back and relax while I create your gorgeous new brows! Feel free to bring your earbuds or airpods. Free naps with every session!

(Please click the Brow Maintenance section for brow pre-care and aftercare instructions.)